Troopers Hill Photo 4

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This shows the area that was covered by Japanese Knotweed in the north west of the site. This spread substantially prior to 1998.

It is Bristol City Council's policy to eradicate this pernicious weed wherever possible and a strategy of treating with approved herbicide twice a year was implemented in 2005 to achieve this.

From 2006 there has been little knotweed in this area and none in the photo. However continued spot treatment has been needed to keep it under control.

2007: Some trees and scrub were cleared from the slope below this spot as part of the work to protect the grassland. This also had the effect of opening up the view across Bristol from the bench.

2011: Japanese knotweed has now been replaced by tall herb vegetation, providing a nectar source for insects.

2016: Bramble has spread here, at the expense of rough grassland rather than more valuable habitats and scrub growth on the edge of Crew’s Hole has largely obscured a previously open skyline.

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