Troopers Hill Photo Survey 23 to 35

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August 1994

August 2006

No 23 This is the soth-west end of the gully.
Again heather, bramble and hawthorn are all thriving compared with 1994.

No 24 Looking along the gully the same trends are shown.

No 25 Heather has spread on the north side of the gully, while there is more bramble below.

No 26 This oak tree in the gully has grown.
The 2004 photo showed several holm oak saplings here that the Friends of Troopers Hill have now removed.

No 27 This shows the south side of the gully near the Troopers Hill Road end.

No 28 At the end of the gully bracken has spread.

No 29 This is the top of the slope to the south of the gully.

No 30 Again looking down on Troopers Hill Road from further south-west.

No 31 From the same spot as above looking south-west.

No 32 This is from the path parallel to Troopers Hill Road near the Greendown end.

No 33 Again looking up from the path but further from Greendown.
(Full slide show on the Main Survey Page).

No 34 This is an area of heather above Troopers Hill Road that is again covered by bramble this year, despite this having been cut back in the winter.

No 35 This final shot is from further down the path and again shows both broom and bramble spreading.
An isolated gorse bush has appeared on top of the slope.

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