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August 1994

August 2006

No 1 From outside 119 Troopers Hill Road.
The heather has spread, but the area of grassland has decreased.
The lack of cars on the road in 2006 is because several houses have now had their gardens paved to provide parking spaces.

No 2 Overlooking the top of Greendown.
Note the willowherb alongside the path in 2006
The bramble has been cut back periodically during this period.

No 3 The entrance from Troopers Hill Field.
The knotweed was treated in 2005 and 2006 and so has died back.
Note how much the trees and shrubs have grown by the entrance, the corner of the swing frame can only just be seen in 2006.

No 4 From the same spot, turning towards Bristol.
(There is a full slide show of these photos showing the years between these shots on the Main Survey Page).

No 5 From the same spot again, turning south.

No 6 Again looking south, but from further down towards Sally's Glade.

No 7 This is just above Sally's Glade. Broom is doing well here despite being damaged by the 1995 fire.
In the bottom right of the 2006 photo is a branch of a Holm Oak sapling.
The Friends of Troopers Hill are removing these as part of the work at the monthly Work Parties.

No 8 From the same spot looking in the opposite direction.

No 9 This is in Sally's Glade, the broom and heather have spread significantly.
(Full slide show on the Main Survey Page).

No 10 This is from within Sally's Glade looking up hill.

No 11 Another view up hill, with a very dramatic increase in broom.

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