Troopers Hill Photo 33

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In 1994 ling was scattered accross this slope and formed a dense patch only around the bramble in the bottom left of the photograph. The area was affected by the fire in 1995 and since then the ling has spread quickly, and is now much more vigourous than it was in 1994. Bell heather colonised the area after 1996. Several plants of broom are now present, though the bramble is also spreading. The 2004 photograph is the same area but at a slightly different angle.

In 2006 it can be seen that the broom has spread further followed by the bramble.

The oak sapling shown in 2008 has been removed but it can be seen in the 2010 photo that further work is required to control the bramble.

The 2011 photo shows some spread of broom and other scrub, but the felled oak saplings are apparently not regrowing.

2016: The location from where this photograph was originally taken is now inaccessible in dense scrub. This more distant view shows limited scrub encroachment on the upper slopes.

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