Troopers Hill Photo 19

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This is a good example of an area where the spread of bramble has significantly reduced the area of broom over the period of the survey. The bramble in an area adjacent to this has been cut back at various Work Parties since 2004 to try and prevent further loss of broom.

The 2006 photo shows a good growth of broom at the edge of the bramble. There seems to be a trend on the lower south facing slopes for the grassland to be colonised first by broom, then by bramble and then by hawthorn and other shrubs. Again these trends have continued from 2006 onwards.

By 2011 there is much increased growth of broom and bramble.

2016: Much of this area was open in the early 1990s but scrub was encroaching by 2000 and has thickened since. Broom has been displaced by bramble at the bottom of the slope and has spread up the hill.

It is also interesting to note on these photographs the development of the old Tar Works site which was grass in 1994 and built up by 1998. The 2006 photo is also the first to show heather in this area.

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