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Troopers Hill in St George, East Bristol, was purchased by Bristol City Council on 14th September 1956. It was declared as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) on 22nd June 1995 (click for copy of public notice) in recognition of the wide range of wildlife present on the hill and its importance as a unique habitat in the Bristol area due to the presence of acidic soils.

The central grid reference is: ST 628 731 - Latitude: 51:27:20 North - Longitude: 2:32:12 West.

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Troopers Hill is a hillside overlooking the River Avon that has been quarried and mined in the past. The hill contains a fascinating mix of history, wild plants and animals. With heather and broom, rocky crags, spoil heaps and gullies,stunning views and two listed chimneys, Troopers Hill is one of the most spectacular wildlife spots in the city.

Troopers Hill LNR

The site is between the A431 Air Balloon Road and Crews Hole Road and can be accessed from any of four pedestrian entrances from Troopers Hill Rd. The lowest is close to the junction with Crews Hole Rd and therefore gives easy access to or from the River Avon Trail, but please take care crossing the roads. There is also an entrance at the corner of Greendown and Troopers Hill Rd and two other entrances between these.

An alternative entrance is from the east end of Malvern Rd, and across the grassy area known as Troopers Hill Field. The kissing gate at the end of Summerhill Terrace also takes you into Troopers Hill Field. Adjacent to both the LNR and the Field is an area of woodland also owned by Bristol City Council and known as Troopers Hill Woods or Crews Hole Woodland.

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How to Get to Troopers Hill

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