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---- Our News and Your Views ----


This online forum is provided to encourage discussion on any subject relating to Troopers Hill Local Nature Reserve; the surrounding area of St George and Crews Hole or any of Bristol's Parks and Green Spaces. The board is open to all; contributions from members of Friends of Troopers Hill or other groups that belong to the Bristol Parks Forum are particularly welcome.

We also use this board to post news about what is happening on Troopers Hill or anything else that we think might be of interest.

Anyone can read messages on the board but you need to register before you post your own messages or replies. You will need to agree to the terms & conditions and then supply a Username, email address and password. Click on 'Register' on the main forum page.

Once you have registered posting messages is really easy, just click on on the main forum page or to an earlier message. You will also be able to edit your posts and also receive notification when someone replies.

Please feel free to post messages on any subject, we welcome all views whether you wish to praise or criticise but please read the guidelines before posting.

If you wish to contact Friends of Troopers Hill or Bristol Parks directly details can be found on our Contact Us page.

This forum was relaunched in a new form in December 2008. If you would like to see the messages that were on the old forum then follow the link below. This is an archive of the threads from the old forum so you cannot post repies or new messages.

Archive of old style forum December 2006 to December 2008


Good Friday

Perhaps you have views on how Troopers Hill or other parks and wildspaces should be maintained or improved?

Do you want to tell others about unusual wildlife you have seen, or have questions about future plans for Bristol's parks?

Are you involved with a park group and want to share your experiences?

Forum Guidelines

We want this board to be used for free and open discussion, but we would ask you to remember that this is a public forum.

While constructive critisism is welcome, personal attacks or anything of a defamatory or abusive nature is not.

The board will be monitored by the Friends of Troopers Hill moderators and any messages which are considered inappropriate or are widely off-topic will be deleted. The webmaster's decision will be final. If you see any message that you believe should be removed please email .

If you have any queries to which you want a personal relpy from The Friends of Troopers Hill please email us at .

Any messages which appear to come from commercial organisations or are intended purely as advertising will also be removed.

Any views expressed on this forum are those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Friends of Troopers Hill.


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