Troopers Hill Nature Reserve  
CIV003932 Bristol City Council  

 Green Flag Award feedback report


A very good management plan showing a very committed local authority all aspects covered very comprehensively.  
The site is abounded by overlooking houses, many of which are associated with the site itself, this coupled with a tolerant view of the use of the site gives the impression of a secure and safe site.  
Covered well.  
Mention of arisings being composted on nearby allotments, recycling of litter where possible, use of accredited sustainable timber on site, attempting to eradicate invasive weed species primarily knot weed.  
Local Nature Reserve, chimneys, heath, grassland and landscape character assessment.  
Fantastic community involvement, incredibly active friends group with in excess of 800 hrs volunteer time accrued annually. Many events undertaken on site  
Excellent provision for marketing material. Comprehensive and attempts to engage with all users.  
Well covered  
With a quite unique character, Troopers Hill’s recognition as a significant wildlife habitat and site of important heritage value is clear.
Excellent signage and access make the site a valued asset that is well used by the local community and visitors from the wider locality  
Most issues arising from the green flag assessment of 2007 have been addressed.  
Overall, the site is maintained to a high standard with dog fouling and litter management at levels ranging from acceptable to very good  
The excellent work already undertaken in the area continues.  
Comprehensive plan for people and landscape management in partnership with stakeholders ensures effective conservation of Troopers Hill  
Rob Acton-Campbell and his wife clearly play a key roll in what is one of the most active and effective Friends Group the judges have encountered.  
Marketing is covered by an extensive array of quality publications.
The quarterly publication by Friends of Troopers Hill is outstanding.
Excellent web site designed and managed by the Friends group with a comprehensive and diverse index of information / publications plus links to Bristol Parks web site.  
12 months after the original Green Flag Assessment the site continues to be developed and improved in keeping with what is a highly effective and well implemented management plan.  


Not a fault of the applicants but the green flag criteria asks for a lot of evidence to be provided at this desk stage. Much reference to where documentation can be found but maybe electronic attachments could be made with further applications. Evidence would like to be seen of monitoring procedures and marketing material before the site visit  
Covered well.  
Although incidents of vandalism are small in relation to visitor numbers exploring CCTV as an option might benefit the site.  
Covered well.  
Not sure if arisings are being composted, site visit later revealed that they were taken across Bristol to Blaise Castle Estate’s bio-digester, however commendable this method of disposal, the true environmental costs of transporting this material across the city should be investigated.  
Just to be aware that It is evident the plan has a strong element of nature conservation  
Covered well.  
Covered well.  
Covered well.  
New entrance works, both in situ and planned, along with soon to be installed updated signage will add even further to what is already an extremely attractive and welcoming green space  
Construction of the bridge across the eroded path adjacent to the Badger Sett has successfully addressed the trip/slip hazard that existed previously.
The new entrance is a major improvement however the steep drop directly onto the highway could present a hazard to users as no kerb safety barriers have been installed. A risk assessment of the feature should be undertaken and any findings acted upon.

Many of the wooden steps throughout the site are badly eroded and rapidly approaching their ‘sell by date’. Ensure the necessary repairs are given equal priority to the other improvements taking place.  
The appointment of a dedicated site ranger is an extremely positive step and the close working relationship between Julian Thomas and Rob Acton-Campbell is clearly delivering real benefits.

Judges noticed that repair to one of the benches is still outstanding from the last Green Flag assessment. Given the time that has now elapsed since Operations was taken back in house this oversight points to there still being a gap between policy and delivery. Given the extraordinarily high quality of the management plans and other documentation it is considered that greater focus on delivery and above all outcomes is still required.  
Consider undertaking an environmental impact assessment of current procedure for disposal of green waste as this may identify opportunities for reducing existing levels of transport movements.  
Continue to act on the recommendation contained within the comprehensive management plan
Consider tactile trail / tactile maps, in particular where there are panoramic views  
Judges concede that visitor numbers to Troopers Hill will always require managing to ensure the site’s integrity is maintained. Given this situation, continue to act on the recommendation contained within the management plan  
Bristol City Council should be justifiably proud of the achievements of their Parks Service Department. This well managed and well run organisation delivers quality at all levels and Troopers Hill is a shining example of what can be achieved when true partnership working amongst all stakeholders is lead so effectively. A blend of enthusiastic and committed staff along with a hugely impressive friends group has again resulted in a well deserved Green Flag Award.