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Memories of Troopers Hill
Crews Hole Methodist Chapel Congregation 1953

This photo was taken in 1953 at the Coronation celebrations - if you can help us fill in the missing names - see below the photo - (or think some of them are wrong) please contact us.

At the bottom of the page there is also a photo of the Women's Bright Hour group taken inside the chapel, given to us by Dave Hales the date of this is unknown.

Crews Hole Methodist Chapel Congregation 1953

Crews Hole Methodist Chapel Congregation 1953

The Names

1 Clive Drake;  2 Philip Drake;  3 ???;  4 Richard Dark;  5 John Britton;  6 Jennifer Holloway;  7 Gordon Alvis;  8 Judith Smith;  9 ???;  10 Richard Mealing; 
11 Andrew Comley;  12 Marion Comley;  13 ???;  14 Mr Smith;  15 Mrs Smith;  16 Mrs Jay;  17 ???;  18 Gloria Smith;  19 Mrs Laver;  20 Glyn Britton; 
21 ???;  22 Hazel Laver;  23 Eileen Churchill or Maureen Peacock?;  24 Keith Britton;  25 Lorraine Alvis;  26 Pauline Alvis; 
27 Dianne Gingell;  28 Berly Smith (Gloria's sister);  29 ???;  30 John Mealing;  31 Lillian Francombe or Mrs Baker;  32 Mrs Perrett; 
33 Alice Carter;  34 Mr Roberts;  35 ???;  36 Eric Drake;  37 Mr Iles;  38 Bert Jay;  39 ???;  40 ???; 
41 Joan Mealing;  42 ???;  43 Mabel Hill;  44 Eileen Drake;  45 ???;  46 ???;  47 Florie Hicks;  48 Elsie Britton;  49 Bernard Alvis;  50 Jacqueline Jay; 
51 Joy Laver;  52 George Drake;  53 George Hicks;  54 Les Holloway;  55 Mrs Lawson;  56 Reg Laver;  57 Pam Harris;  58 ???;  59 Maureen Dark;  60 Pat Townsend; 
61 Ethel Thomas (nee Britton);  62 Harold Laver;  63 Bob Alvis;  64 Willy Hicks;  65 Gladstone Britton ; 

Crews Hole Women's Bright Hour

Crews Hole Womens Bright Hour

Back row: ??? - ??? - Mrs Tucker - Polly (nee Dauncey) - Ed Drake - ??? - ???
Front row: ??? - Joan Mealing (nee Dauncey, Polly's brother's daughter) - ???

Women's Bright Hour

David Hales, who gave us the photo, told us that Polly on the back row was his grandmother's sister and that their brother Ern Dauncey was the Minster at the chapel.

After seeing the photo John Mealing wrote to us to say:
"David Hale is incorrect in his comment that my grandfather, Ern Dauncey was a chapel minister. He was certainly a Methodist lay preacher but not the minister for the chapel. That post was covered, at that time by the minister at Wesley Memorial in Bryants Hill. However, as I recall, my grandfather was Sunday school superintendent at Crews Hole, his wife Maud ran the Band of Hope, and my mother Joan was Sunday School secretary".

"I can't add any names to those missing from the photos, although I can add detail to Polly, she was Mary Clarke, always known as Aunt Polly. The last time I met David Hale was some 50 years ago when he helped me out of the road in Summerhill road after I had fallen off my motorcycle. Thanks Dave".

If you can add more information or tell us the date it was taken please get in touch.

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