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Old Photographs of Troopers Hill
Set B
Views of Troopers Hill in 1953

Three views taken from Butlers Tar Works in 1953.
These photos were brought to our History Exhibition in Sept 2005.
The owner, who used to work at Butlers, very kindly allowed us to scan them.

1953 view 1

The first view is looking towards the west, the chapel at Avonview cemetery can be seen on the skyline at the left. The houses on the skyline at the right are Malvern Road. The Lamb Inn is near the centre of the picture.
All this area of hillside is now covered in woodland, part of it having been used as a tip by the Council in the 1960s.

1953 view 2

Turning further towards the east, Troopers Hill chimney can be seen on the extreme right. In the centre of the view is a quarry where there was also an entrance to the Fireclay mine that closed in 1908. The cottages just above the works and below the chimney are where the Children's Nursery now stands.
Again much of this hillside is now woodland and there are significant areas of Japanese Knotweed in the quarry area.

1953 view 3

The final view looks up Troopers Hill Road. Those of you who know the area might be able to work out which of these buildings are still standing.
Isolated hawthorn bushes can be seen in this shot; these now cover the lower part of the slopes.

Putting these three photographs together is a good illustration of how much the area of grassland on the hill has been reduced over the last fifty years. Part of the work of Friends of Troopers Hill is to reduce the spread of the scrub and woodland to preserve the remaining acid grassland and heath.

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