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Fire July 2010

--- Posting from our now closed Forum ---
There was a fire in the area of broom above the lower chimney on Thurs evening (8th July) - there is a photo here: http://www.troopers-hill.org.uk/sundry/Fire080710.jpg

There is no evidence that this was started deliberately - with the hill so dry at the moment it could just have been a discarded cigarette end or similar. Fires have always been a feature of the hill so there should not have been any long term damage. It will be interesting to see how the broom regenerates. We will be talking to Bristol Parks about when it is best to clear the burnt broom and bramble and whether they can do it or whether we should at one of our work parties.

A big thank you to those who called the fire service and to Avon Fire & Rescue for putting the fire out so quickly and preventing it from spreading further.

Posted by Rob, Sat Jul 10, 2010 12:11 pm

Another thank you to the Fire Service who turned out on Wednesday evening (7/7/2010) and Thursday morning to deal with a fire in the log climbing structure on Troopers Hill Field. As you can see the structure is charred but usable. Bristol Parks have been great, turning out first thing on Thursday to check the structure was safe. The wood chip has been replenished and they will be hiring specialist equipment to blast the structure with water to clear charring during this coming week.

This fire was caused maliciously. If anyone does have any information please do pass it on to the police. The email address for the Bristol East South Neighbourhood Team is ssnbristoleastnpt@avonandsomerset.police.uk. The non-emergency telephone number for our local police is 0845 456700. If you prefer to talk to Crime stoppers the number is 0800 555 111.

For any fire on Troopers Hill, after any necessary emergency action please follow this up with an email to the police Neighbourhood team ssnbristoleastnpt@avonandsomerset.police.uk to let them know about the incident. Even if you have no suspects, this could lead to increased patrols on Troopers Hill.

If the fire looks out of control, call 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade.

If the fire looks under control and there are people there associated with the fire and you do not feel you are putting yourself at any risk then please do talk to them about the risk to Troopers Hill from fires, the damage they are causing to the heath and grass land and try persuasion to cause them them to put the fire out. If you do not succeed or you are concerned for your own safety then walk away and phone the police using your judgement about whether to use the 0845 456700 number or 999.

Please put out any unattended fire if you feel capable of doing so safely or call the Fire Brigade.

Many thanks for all your help in keeping Troopers Hill a great place for everyone to enjoy.


Posted by Susan, Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:23 pm

The burned area above the square chimney has had some TLC. A lot of the dead broom has been cut back as has the bramble that was invading the burnt grassland. The area is looking a lot better. Thank you to the team from Bristol Parks. I managed to take a very long distance "stalker" photo of them.

Posted by Susan, Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:08 pm

You may remember this fire in an area above the lower chimney. Good work was done by Bristol Parks clearing the dead burnt shrubs from the area. There were several reasons for this removal, starting with, most importantly, avoiding soil enrichment. The special grasses and plants we have on the site are present because of the poor quality of the soil, if nutrients are added these species will disappear and be overrun by other more vigorous species. It also removed supports for the invading bramble to climb on and overshadow the soil prevent other plants regenerating.

Our last work party visited the area and removed bramble from around the large number of broom plants that have started to grow. When we finished work I took a photo of the site. The contrast between shortly after the fire
and now
is very encouraging. There is more work to do at the next work party to remove bramble to the right of the photo. Out of shot and on the left the path/steps is also a small forest of cherry seedlings that need, yet again, to be removed. Do come along and help. The next work party will be at 10am, Saturday 3rd December, finishing at noon. We meet on the corner of Greendown and Troopers Hill Rd. Gloves and tools are provided and we finish with free celebratory biscuits and hot drinks.

Posted by Susan, Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:51 pm

This is how the area that was burnt looks now (this shot was taken looking up hill whereas all the others looked downhill)

Posted by Susan, Sat May 25, 2013 10:04 pm

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