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Troopers Hill
Local Nature Reserve
Dawn Chorus 2008

Video and sound recorded between 04.45 and 05.45 on Wednesday 7th May 2008.

There are several areas on Troopers Hill that were covered in Japanese Knotweed until Bristol Parks started spraying this insidious weed a few years ago. The aim, in accordance with the Management Plan, is to eradicate it. The result is wonderful open spaces in the woods and one of these is where Kit recorded this bird song.

You are looking South West through the trees and as you listen, you can watch the dawn arrive. It was fairly hazy, which together with the South West aspect, meant no sunshine that morning.

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The video is one hour long, but if you would like to download an audio only version to listen to, you can do so by clicking on these links, or right clicking and selecting "Save target as" or "Save link as..":

Audio only - MP3 file - Full length

Audio only - WMA file - Full length

Audio only - MP3 file - 20 second sample

So far we have identified the following birdsongs. If you hear any others, please email us. Let us know the counter time for the song if you can.

Wood Pigeon
Sea Gull
Collared Dove
Green Finch
Cole Tit
Black Cap

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