25 Years - Art Competition

Closing Date 31st May 2020 - email images to

To celebrate of 25 years since Troopers Hill was declared a Local Nature Reserve, Troopers Hill Young Rangers are inviting you to take part in an art competition.

Selected entries will be on display on Troopers Hill Field
from 28th June 2020 for 2 weeks
- or online and on the Field at a later date
if Coronavirus restrictions are still in place.

 We are looking for art work that features aspects of the Hill or is inspired by the Hill, its history, its wildlife or its visitors.

 We will be judging in three categories

• Wild flora and fauna
• Landscape and Geology
• People and History
  (including pets on the Hill!)

 Age groups:
Under 12 years, 12-16 years, and over 16.

 Art work can be in any form, including sculptures or other 3D art but images of the art work must be submitted in the first instance.

 Printed images (A3 or A4 size) of the shortlisted entries will be laminated and displayed on Troopers Hill Field and also added to this website

 The competition is being organised by the Troopers Hill Young Rangers.

 Closing Date for all entries is 31st May 2020

 Didac of the Woodwise Academy, Crews Hole have kindly agreed to sponsor the trophy for the overall winner

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Competion Continues

When we launched this competition we did not know how ideal it would be for the currrent times.

The Troopers Hill Art Competition offers you, your friends, your children, a chance to exercise your artistic talents without exposing us or you to any risk of infection.

You email us an image of your artwork.

We can judge the artworks without the judges leaving their homes.

If, at the end of June, conditions are not right for us to make a physical displays of the best entries we can still set up a virtual exhibition.

Looking for Inspiration?

Just go for a walk on the hill - the colours and shadows are always changing.

Our two listed chimneys are its best known features but there are also a range of shapes and colours in the rocks and the humps and bumps left by quarrying and mining.

There are a great selection of plants and insects on the heathland and grassland of the Hill itself, but you might also want to explore the woodland.

Sunset viewed from the Hill can also be an inspirational moment and don't forget to look up during the day at what is flying past - you never know what you might see.

Or explore this website, there is loads of information about the Hill's Wildlife, Geology and History. You might also gain inspiration from other people's Memories or Old Photographs. There are inspiring photos on Instagram and Flickr.

Judging Panel

Professional artists, Angie Tonge who runs the Summerhill Arts Club and Tony Rudman, who runs the Young at H’art group , will join the Young Rangers on the judging panel.

Angie runs the friendly, supportive and creative Summerhill Arts Club from 9:45am - 11:45am on Tuesdays at Summerhill Methodist Church, 5 Air Balloon Rd, BS5 8LB.

For more information contact Angie on 07748 001420.

Tony runs the Young at H’art group meeting at 2pm on Tuesdays at the Wellspring Centre at Barton Hill. More about Tony and his work can be seen on his website at www.rudmanarts.co.uk.

If you are interested in commissioning Tony for art tuition, art works, or would like to purchase one of his images, please contact Tony directly.

Troopers Hill Young Rangers on the panel will include Tyler & Skye (shown here on the Hill with the competition poster) and Luke who created the image of the fox on the Hill shown above.

Competition Rules & How to Enter

• There are 3 categories: Landscape, People and History, Wild flora and fauna.

• Age groups: Under 12 years old, 12-16 years old and over 16.

• Each person can submit up to 3 entries.

• Images of the artworks to be emailed to .

• Email to include artist's name, age group & entry category.

• Prizes – there will be a winner in each category for each age group, who will all have a laminated certificate. There will be a trophy for the overall winner.

• The judging panel will use a point scoring process. The judges will not be told who submitted the art work.

• While shortlisting will be on assessment of submitted images; the judges may ask to see the original art work for the final judging.

• Please submit sufficient images of each art work to allow the judges to make a proper assessment at the shortlisting stage.

• Photographs are considered to be artwork, but the judges will be looking for photographs with particular artistic merit.

• If you enter an image, you will retain the copyright to that image, but you will automatically give us the rights to use that image as we see fit in the future in our, or allied groups, publicity.

• A statement of ownership of the work you submit will be required.

• If the age of the artist is not stated we will assume you are over 16.

• Judges and Friends of Troopers Hill's decisions are final.

 © Long tailed tit by Abi Stubbs

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